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Our Story

Visit Blackburn’s finest Italian restaurant for fresh Pizza and Pasta

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Something new and “FRESH” has arrived in Blackburn! ROCCA’S Woodfired Pizza and Pasta. Same fresh in-store made pasta, new brand, and new name that’s easier to pronounce!

At Rocca’s we’re passionate about crafting two things – delicious Italian dishes, and a cosy atmosphere. Our head chef Gianni Scioscia hails from the Campania region of  Italy, and has worked in 5 star restaurants around his home country.  Gianni never sacrifices quality and continuously puts forth delicious dishes firmly in the traditions of Italian cuisine. For delicious Italian dishes that’ll both comfort through their familiarity and excite with their innovation, visit Rocca’s today.


pasta and Woodfired pizza

Pizza that’s crispy yet light and fluffy, pasta that’s perfectly al dente and rich in flavour. We are passionate about cooking our food from scratch to give you the ultimate fine dining experience in Blackburn. From our 48-hour raised dough baked to a crunch in our woodfired oven, to our slow-cooked lamb Ragu tagliatelle cooking away in its own time on our stove, you’ll be sure to have a taste experience both rich and light, familiar and fresh.

We also offer a range of vegetarian friendly pizza and pasta dishes in our restaurant, as well as other dietary specific options. All our pizzas can also be made with gluten-free dough. Browse our menu to see what we can do for you. Feel free to get in touch to ask – we’re always happy to make something special.

Rocca's Woodfired Pizzeria
Rocca's Woodfired Pizzeria and Pasta Bar
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